The first question for you: How do you see the development on earth in the last 50 to 60 years? Where should it go? BIRD’S EYE VIEW

In the film I will reflect on „my“ life (embedded in our generation living now on this planet), what I have perceived and perceive with my own eyes, and how I stand as a human being on earth, this moment. What pains me, what gives me joy, what can I not stand? Where do I see that the development has got completely on the wrong track? What do we actually mean by the term „development“? and where should it go? An experiment.

I would be very interested in how you stand to your life, how you have perceived the developments on this earth over the last decades. What keeps you busy? Where very you that the life has developed into the good, where it has developed in your eyes into the „bad“? I am interested in YOUR perceptions, theories and assumptions are also always interesting, but I would like to feel YOU as a human being. How do YOU see, with YOUR eyes the development over the last decades? And what are your longings? How do you imagine a new world? Think, dream, draw, talk to each other!

As a short example from me: For me the general extinction of animals and plants, the disrespectful treatment of nature, and the materialistic greed, which causes destruction on the whole globe, is a HUGE worry (it surely for most of you). At the same time, I rejoice that I can express myself as a free woman – so far – without being beaten, tortured or imprisoned… I could perceive as a child that much in the attitude of adults was strange, that the world was upside down already then and no one really spoke honestly about it. I wondered why they didn’t treat animals well, why they couldn’t just love them, I also wondered how one could eat meat? And I couldn’t and still can’t understand how people can be passionate about war…. I read many analyses and history books, I talk to friends and many new movements are also very inspiring and are asking the same questions. We are all in a great revolutionary moment in history. Here in this blog, and for this film, YOU are simply asked right now, as a HUMAN. Where are you? And where do you want to go?

More questions will follow regularly. Here, in this first blog we will deal with a somewhat big bird’s eye view, then we will get more specific. I very much look forward to your contributions!

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  1. Dear Renata, dear readers. Big questions that are being posed here. Important questions. And I am glad Renata (& team) are creating this opportunity for exchange. THANK YOU.

    When listening inside I realize that I do not want to express myself to the first question „How do you see the development on earth in the last 50 to 60 years?“ on a concrete level but just from the eagle perspective. On the manifestation level we know: Holy shit! The human family has brought our space shuttle called planet Earth quite nicely in crookedness. So we can’t let it get much more crooked or we’ll be completely disqualified as a crew.
    Okay. Let’s leave this flight level and direct our attention one level (or two – quantification difficult…) higher. Here I feel that in the current time we are now really allowed to look ahead. I.e. we recognize that it won’t work out the way we handled it up to now. But we do not mourn that. And we do not sink into collective feelings of guilt or lose ourselves in the endless ocean of world-weariness (very important! and dangerous! and very obvious!). No, we feel where in our hearts lives JOY. The childlike joy. But also the highest joy. All kinds of joy. That’s where we set the focus. This joy will be different for each one of us. But I am faithful that every one will find exactly the right joyful potential that is needed to make a collective miracle work here on Pachamama. So in the sense of: It is essential that each one of us finds her/his individual PRIMAL JOY of the HEART, because every human being is important in all its power, so that the collective dream we all carry in our hearts (we do, right?) can be manifested. (And that is why it is not a selfish thing to turn to one’s joy. It is a collective necessity. Rather, it’s selfish to not get out of your personal mud, not get purified and join the path of joy. But maybe I’m misguided here?)

    On the second question, „Where do you want to go?“: Just briefly, as far as I can see, this is precisely about the collective dream that we all carry in our hearts. My sense is that we all have the same dream. But maybe I’m wrong, then of course I’m open to broadening my horizon and hear your insights.
    In my heart this dream means that we start again to sense in our hearts, that we all are connected as humans, but also with all other beings on the planet (animals, plants, stones and what else there is) and with mother earth herself. We are ACTUALLY physically and therefore also energetically CONNECTED. That’s why we cut actually ourselves off when we cut down rainforests etc. The more we sense this all-embracing interconnection, the less we f*** it up. We let go of all pigeonholes, which always evaluate anyway, and simply look at the world how it is just NOW around me. What being (what kind of energy…) is facing me NOW and how my HEART (and not my head and my prejudices) wants to react. Does my heart want to react? Or does it just want to BE with what is and let it be? Maybe the only things needed at this very moment are space and silence. So to speak, does my counterpart simply want to „be heard“ or does the situation still need something else from me? If my counterpart needs something the question is: Am I the right one to give? This means seeing your own boundaries clearly.
    The miracle creation of a new living together will manifest itself the moment we remember how to LISTEN & SEE with our HEARTS. For this a small example: My daughter (11 years) has just opened my heart eye in this respect yesterday in one point. She loves animals (I am so far a bit less of an animal lover). We live with a cat, Luna. Last night I went to my daughter’s room to tell her it was time for bed. She was sitting on the floor and Luna was also in the room. That’s when she explained to me that sometimes, in order to get in touch with Luna, you should just sit down and then see whether she comes to you (so you are not actively tempting it, but rather in the sense of: I sit there in joyful serenity on the ground and Luna gets in touch with me out of her own free will, if SHE feels like). Maybe this is clear for all of you anyway. To me it was not obvious, but I immediately remembered that this is exactly how it works and Zora is right (I slightly remember that as a child I knew that, but there lie years of thinking mainly on a rational level in between…;) You know what I mean.).
    So: I suggest: „BACK TO THE SOULFUL NATURE!“ (please google „Zurück zur beseelten Natur“, German only, comes from Andreas Weber, a lecture he gave which is freely available on SWR2).
    And now I am very curious on how you see the whole thing.
    Heartful. Connected.

  2. Hello dear Renata,
    All three questions are for me, indispensable to consider together, because life is multi-layered and interwoven. Nothing can be separated from each other.
    Your question, what has happened to our world in the last 50 years, is in my opinion only the magnifying glass of thousands of years of patriarchy, which eats itself like a burning glass further and further into the scorched earth.
    I am a authentic Bavarian Lebanese with Palestinian blood and I grew up in two cultures.
    From the outside, these two cultures cannot be more different than they are, but the basic structure I feel and have experienced first hand, the same patriarchal upbringing and laws of society. It is perhaps named differently or lived out openly in the Arab culture and lived behind „closed doors“ in the German culture and presented differently in a make-believe world to the outside world.
    I have experienced in my 52 years, very much. I would personally describe it like this: I have experienced hell, I have gone through my own hell and found life.
    For example, I experienced a war as a child and we had to flee at that time.
    But these, all my lived experiences, make me the woman I am today. I know for myself what splitting off, suppression of not wanting to look and feel, meant at first. But I also know for myself how much courage it takes to truly look at myself in my own mirror with all the pain I have experienced. My experience is, resistance is the last instance before the true, if I nevertheless went on, I always got a „treasure“ and could thus bring about more and more healing in me.
    My experience is that the more I dare to process my story without compromise, to expose my own shadow sides, I bring myself and my story into healing, the more I can live from the heart and meet other people more reconciled. And that’s how miracles happen! Unimagined possibilities, never before possible relationships, become real. Healing stories emerge!
    Thus, this is also my experience, I heal myself and give people who have hurt me very much, a heart forgiveness, the outside can change with!
    So I come now from me to the outside into our society.
    My opinion is that the history will always repeat itself, perhaps in another garb, but the theme does not change in it, but it remains until the people collectively go into an inner as well as outer healing process.
    The universe, the divine, the life, as everyone may name it, just makes sure that we have the chance to wake up and the repressed, split off, is pressed up harder or softer depending on the defense. It concerns the whole human family, it concerns each country with its own topic and it concerns in it the society and each individual human being. There is no escape any more, only the human time question remains open.
    For me and my view on the society, it is about changing, transforming and transforming into a new epoch of the human history.
    People are taking to the streets to demand their rights, freedom and integrity. It feels to me like an initial revolution.
    Revolution contains the word evolution. An evolution into humanity, or perhaps in other words, moving from adolescence into adulthood.
    The word adult implies awakening. It applies equally to women and men. But the women have a different theme in it than the men.
    For me, the healing story of women would be to come into their self-empowerment and to admit and live their true power and greatness.
    For the men, the healing story would be to reconsider protecting women and children.
    And the common healing story of women and men would be to rediscover the feminine power within themselves, to reawaken it in order to live a harmonious, balanced harmony towards all life and in respect with everything. In this way also mother earth, nature could be brought into harmony. And if then still the human being is more worth, than the money, then we would have accomplished a change in the world.
    But until we get there, it needs first of all an uncovering of the structures which prevail. I think we are just in this phase, where truths and revelations come more and more to light. The old systems and structures are showing their darkest side. But this is also the chance to realize that we as Germans could heal our history now!
    And since I can no longer think linearly and statically, and for me there is a multidimensional world that is interwoven, I would say that our ancestors are also involved in this process.
    We are just at the point where our ancestors, that is also my grandpa and grandma were in society at that time.
    When I observe from neutrality what is happening right now, I now understand how the beginnings were back then as well.
    I recognize the psychological warfare that is working in our country as well.
    I understand the universality of these cruel tactics that are being used and, unfortunately, are still working in so many countries around the world.
    The so-called elite has a plan, the accomplices implement it by first shocking society, then they spread lies, untruths, manipulations with brainwashing that goes on and on through the so-called press. In addition they spread again and again fears and panic.
    People who are in fear and panic can no longer think logically, because the brain stem is activated. The brain stem is responsible for our survival, which means it reacts quickly in seconds with either flight, fight or play dead reflex. These are the automatic reflexes, which are absolutely sensible, if they are not used artificially and purposefully from the outside. So the so-called „rescuers“ go into action. Follow me/us, we know the solution and artificial threat scenarios are deliberately created to establish a new normality.
    At the moment, most still follow these so-called „saviors“. For me personally, they are criminals.
    And those who do not follow, mostly a minority, are sanctioned, put under pressure and the „saviors“ sic the „followers“ on the parts of the population that resist.
    In Lebanon, the brainwashing is, watch out Sunnis, the Shiites want to kill you, from the other side of power, they say, watch out Shiites, the Sunnis want to kill you, etc. …. . This is how wars, suffering and violence are created.
    In Germany the trigger point is the catchword “ the right“. So the politicians, who are in the government, can push unpleasant, critical scientists and the disobedient people just into the „right corner“ and the „followers“ take their part. This is how the split is created. A divided society is easy to control, a strong society would not allow any division. We stand just exactly in a still divided society with „open end“.
    And it is up to each one of us how our present history will end, whether in absolute bondage or in a freedom and change of our society into a human one with each other. So our history could be healed with.
    My deepest hope is that we as a society will bring about a true, real deep change.
    I belong, so to say, to the disobedient ones. I remain not vaccinated and accept the challenge and my homework. My homework is to allow my primal trust in life and the Divine, to root myself more deeply with Mother Earth and to BE as one with Mother Earth and the Divine.
    But the way to this leads me through my fears and the present situation still triggers me. My existential fear is making itself felt in that my job could be eliminated. Right now my situation feels like being betrayed, avoided, even ostracized. My thinking that there is not enough and my questioning of values pop up again. And I caught myself in my thoughts wondering when my house will have a big unvaccinated sign on it.
    Loud fears. Are they justified or a construct?
    Anyway, these are all the issues I’ve been through before. Testing?
    How far am I in my development?
    Are my old, ossified beliefs still working in me?
    Which fear is really real and which is not?
    So now I come again from the outside to the inside. For me, nothing can be separated from each other, because the outside reflects my inside and my inside reflects the outside.
    These are collective and at the same time very own development steps on the level of mankind.
    I understand, experience, feel more and more, when I detach myself from my identifications, I see myself and other people, as divine beings in human form, who gather experiences here on earth.
    Despite the uncertain situation, I am hopeful, because the frequencies (vibrations) increase on earth, the consciousness expands, the different levels within our all unity (galaxy), becomes more permeable and completely new experiences can be made.
    Nature never stops, it grows and changes constantly, like we humans also. There is no back, there is always only a forward, whether with resistances or not, only in it the time question and the suffering question (how much suffering we still want to take) decides, in order to swing us into the uniform vibration, into the unity of the all-embracing ONENESS!
    From the heart
    Christina S.

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  4. Dear Renata,

    Thank you for your questions. They were resting in me for some time. I am at a point in life where I explore these very same questions with radical honesty. I feel it is time to adjust my inner compass and to step into the unknown.

    I will try to answer some of your questions:

    In some ways I feel that the development during last 50 years (since I was born) and LONG before that have simply been a theme with variations: patriarchy governing in different shapes and under different names. Just to name a few: colonialism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, industrialisation, capitalism, communism etc. Execution of power, the dominance of greed, the love for hierarchies, the exploitation of women, so called “nature”, living beings of all kind, etc being the common denominator. This might be gravely generalized, yet these are the patterns I perceive.

    As a child, I was deeply in love with life (I still am). I was known to sing most of the time and dance of joy of being alive. Most of all when being outside. I had the privilege to spend a lot of time at my great-grandmothers home in the Alps where blooming meadows, a lively creek, the majestic trees or deep snow nurtured my sense of wonder for life and its beauty.

    Simultaneously, I suffered deeply when I witnessed how animals were being treated. And trees. Plants in general… At a very young age I tried to do things differently, wanting to learn to tread gently on this beloved planet. Wanting to do no harm. Alarms about the Cold war, about one environmental crisis after the other were on my mind and burdened my heart. Also, since I was a child of children of war, I suffered unspeakably once I learned about the bottomless atrocities the men of “my country” had perpetrated during WW II. I could not grasp it. Yet I knew it was real. I was grieving. Did I have the right to live a happy life?

    Of course, my joyous love and deep pain were closely linked to each other. I wanted to be of service. Though very drawn to music and art, I decided to study ecosystem science to use my time on Earth to stand for those who cannot speak. I wanted to be able to defend the lives of trees, animals, birds… by speaking the language of power: science. Or so I thought. I did so because someone had to stand up. I felt a great sense of commitment.

    During my studies I became an activist, I dove into “saving the world” with compassion and enthusiasm. I did relentlessly so for over twenty years. I saw enormous beauty, I met amazing human beings as well as other living beings of all kinds. I felt joy of being able to contribute in these small, yet meaningful ways.

    Yet I also met greed, hatred and polarization and enormous resistance to change. However, the latter just confirmed that I was doing necessary work. I was good at what I was doing and much appreciated for it. I felt deep meaning in spite of the destruction and injustice I oftentimes witnessed first hand.

    Well, until one rather significant “detail” caught up with me: I had forgotten to take care of myself. I had exploited my “inner ecosystem” being busy saving „outer ecosystems“… Also, what I saw and witnessed simply got under my skin. My wise body had signalled many times that it was time for a slower speed, time for rhythm, for self-caring… yet I did not understand these signals before I was dangerously depleted. I also was disillusioned. In spite of so much work from so many people with good intentions, things were getting worse. Globalisation just pushing so called development further and further. Greenwashing getting more and more status quo. And even so called “green solutions” only being of technical nature, and not quite so green at all. The religion of capitalism growing stronger very fast after the Cold war, and becoming almost monopolized – being the one model of „success“. More and more countries and cultures entirely succumbing to the melody of unlimited growth and destruction. Development just meaning economic growth at any cost.

    There is a lot of talk and concern about religious fundamentalism. I share that concern. However, I find it at least as concerning how we all succumb to the dictatorship of economic fundamentalism. I find it dangerous how we sacrifice so much of the “good life” and sense of togetherness in the name of economic growth. Of course, good aspects exist in development as well, yet if looking deeper, all aspects of “development” are in the name of industrial growth. Even the liberation of women. We, too, are supposed to function in the machinery of capitalism. Then, we all can be “independent”. Yet we are only free as long as we succumb to the mechanism of capitalism.

    We are all deeply depending on each other, as well as depending on countless plants, animals, minerals, water etc on this planet for our mere survival. Homo sapiens does not exist in isolation. Another aspect of development that concerns me is that we keep the illusion alive that we can control (and manipulate) life. Whether it is in agriculture, forestry, health or any other sector. We are far away from a development toward mutual cooperation and dialogue. Which is something I long for… to come closer to listening to each other. To pausing. To reaching out and to receive. To become co-creative and cooperative and to leave competition behind.

    To reconnect this to my own life: after twenty plus years of activismon behalf of Mother Earth, I was at a loss as what to do. Both for this worn planet, as well as for my own worn being/health.

    This started a long phase of reflection. Of time and space to just be. Of deep rest and listening. A time of immense learning, of course. Learning about the fascinating inner landscapes that reside within each of us, and how these inner landscapes respond to outer landscapes. And vice versa. How all healing is about resonance and reciprocity. about participating in the dance with life…

    This quietude and period of reflection allowed me a gentler approach. I deepened that sense of joyous wonder I felt so strongly as a child. I also realized that – unless we are deeply touched in our hearts – we won’t care, we won’t act differently. Information for the intellect is not enough to spark the will to change. We need to reignite our feelings, our love for this planet and each other, otherwise we won’t engage in change for the benefit of all.

    I slowly started to come back to my inner source of joy and wellbeing. And I decided (well I am in the midst of this process) to change the way I work and express myself. Do dare to start weaving together different kinds of knowing, head and heart, facts and beauty. And to no longer let myself be defined as “a natural scientist”. To humbly yet firmly step out of this (admittedly sometimes comfortable) box and to acknowledge that we need to go beyond science. Not because there is anything wrong with science, but because science is limited. Because life is so much more.

    I am dreaming that we will relearn to dance with life. To appreciate the diversity of life in all its shapes and forms. To celebrate life – every dawn and every dusk, with every breath.

    And for myself I dream of taking the leap, taking my broken heart and making it into art.

    I once read a quote very worth considering: “Women who compete with men, lack in ambition”.

    So, me too: I am in the process of “becoming woman”…


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